DELAIRE THE LIAR release new track ‘FURNACE’

London based alternative band DELAIRE THE LIAR has released a new single and video ‘FURNACE’ via their new home at RUDE RECORDS. 

The band spoke on the new song and said ‘‘Furnace‘ is a tragedy. Some ditches are too deep to dig out of, some punishment too painful to forget. It infuriates, to see the ones you care about refuse the kindness and attention they afford to others. Harder still when they turn that mirror back on you. That lack of  compassion for your own body can turn to neglect and that negligence can bury you.’

Utilising a weaponised punk rock attitude that feeds into a visceral delivery and live performance, married with fragility and earnestness that extends a welcoming hand to the listener, Delaire The Liar is set to explore the nuances of human emotion and response.

Unafraid to be vulnerable, unafraid to be hysterical and open to all. Check out the new single below.

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