If you’ve wondered where Why Generation? is going to be when restrictions drop on 19th July, we’ll be heading down to 00:01!

A six-band, two-stage late-night festival to celebrate the return of live music, which kicks off on Monday 19th July the second restrictions are dropped; with live acts Flamingods, Crows, Talk Show and more amongst the wave of critically acclaimed artists announced.

Taking place across two venues – Oval Space and Pickle Factory – the unique event will also feature emerging talent including Grove, Duress and Fake Turins, with guest DJ sets from DJ Betamax (The Comet Is Coming), DJ L.E.D (Goat Girl) and Lynks as they prepare to welcome back the live scene in style.

Egyptian Elbows promoter duo Rob Broadbent & Max Wheeler explained: “This is the first time in the history of, well everything (?) that live music in a venue has been taken away from us – and as live music fans first and foremost we wanted to see the occasion back in properly with a BIG night and a load of killer bands that are going to smash it up”.

Tickets for 00:01 are available now, priced at £16.50 here (pre-parties in several local venues TBA)

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