FEATURE: Is Bad Gaming Merch Killing Your Chances At Romance?

When you think of gamer guy what do you think? Sweaty? Single? Socially inept? Or maybe you’re more clued up, maybe you have grown up with gamers as celebrities. Maybe instead of seeing south park mock World of Warcraft players, you grew up watching teenagers become millionaires from their ability to work atop lane in League Of Legends. Games, and Gamers, are no longer your uncles guilty secret, they’re now your blockbuster movies and click-worthy news stories. Geeks are in, and finally, thanks to cancelled culture, cool kids are out.

However, there is a plague infecting the gaming community that stops gamers from becoming the socially accepted sex gods they could and should be. That plague comes in the form of horrible, embarrassing and quite frankly cringe-worthy fashion.

Understandably, fans of online content creators would want to financially help out as much as possible, and this is where merch comes in. Merch isn’t a new idea; kids have been buying overpriced band t-shirts for decades now. But with the rise of YouTubers came the rise of awful merch, and with the rise of awful merch came the rise of awfully dressed young men. Truly harrowing stuff.

For some reason, guys in their late teens and early twenties think it’s acceptable to wear a T-shirt that says, “I can’t hear you over the sound of how epic I am,” just because their favourite twitch speed runner said it one time in a stream from 2014…. It’s not, please stop.

There is nothing wrong about hanging onto the things in your life that makes you that cool, quirky, class clown that you know you are deep down, that’s why emo club nights are such a big thing. But if you sit and think about, what impression are you giving to people when you wear a cringy piece of merch? Are you showing people how you’re oh-so approachable and a bit of a loveable rogue, fighting social norms one overpriced t-shirt at a time? Or are you showing people that you aren’t fussed about being seen as a grown-up?

Gaming T-shirts are usually based on other well-known t-shirt designs from much better, more fashionable brands. So maybe next time you go to slip on your “So what I’m a gamer? Byte me” t-shirt, consider putting on a Jack Daniels one instead. Or if you really need to don your “good gamer gone bad” black baseball shirt, maybe match it with some fashion appropriate pairings.

Ditch your old worn-out cheap and tacky grey jogging bottoms and swap them for some sexy and stylish stonewashed denim jeans. Throw away that puke colour green hoodie, that you’re pretty sure was yellow when you bought it. Upgrade it to a classic big lapel denim jacket, Sauvé and dominating, and if history has taught us anything will never go out of fashion.

Gentlemen, gamers are up and coming, don’t leave your fashion sense in the past.

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