Red Hot Chili Peppers Pay Tribute to Taylor Hawkins | Jazz Fest 22

Drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins during the band’s set at New Orleans Jazz Festival, after replacing the Foo Fighters headline slot.


Indicating that members of the Foo Fighters and Taylor’s wife were in attendance, at the end of RHCP’s set, Chad Smith, who had Taylor written out on his drumkit surrounded by a hawk, gave a brief speech honouring his close friend.

“We just found out about this two weeks ago, because Foo Fighters were supposed to play here tonight,” Smith said. “We love Foo Fighters, and we love our brother Taylor Hawkins. This means a lot to us to be able to play for them.”

The two bands became close friends after the Foo Fighters supported Chili Peppers on tour back in 1999.

Watch the video below

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