PREVIEW: Memory Palace, James Humphrys

Written by Samual Pullen
This EP is easily the soundtrack to your summer: energetic and danceable. ‘Memory Palace’ is due to be released in July and here’s why you should be excited:
From my first listen to this EP I was utterly hooked by its strong beats, mesmerizingly catchy horns and guitar grooves. The indie, pop and funk influences can be heard throughout and come together to create a vibrant and thick texture for the listener to sink their teeth into.
The first track on the EP is ‘All the Same:’ the beginning this EP deserves! Starting with a groovy guitar over a drum loop, this song slowly builds and builds as it brings in layers and increases in complexity. This flows perfectly into the even funkier ‘Better Now.’ The energy in the guitar here is unbeatable and this carries on throughout. You could easily lose yourself and dance into the night to this song alone.

"You could easily lose yourself and dance into the night to this song alone."

‘Colour,’ the leading track of this EP (out 15th May), really does hit it out of the ballpark: catchy, spirited, fun… I could honestly go on all day. This song was written on a cruise ship and wow, does it show! The pop and funk influences blend together to craft something marvellous: an extremely rhythmic track with a bassline that’d get anyone moving. It’s clear why this is the first single to be released.
‘Lost in You’ finishes off this EP – a calm, synth-infused end to a great EP. With the vocals passing back and forth between James and a superb female vocalist, a gorgeous yet groovy tune is created here. Altogether, ‘Memory Palace’ truly is James Humphrys’ Indie-pop summer masterpiece.

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