REVIEW: The Jacques, Born Sore EP

Written by Sebastian George

The Jacques have shared new EP “Born Sore”, their first release in over two years. The EP comes after the band signed to the independent label, Modern Sky Entertainment UK.
The EP opens with “Born Sore” and a borderline psychedelic mix of catastrophic drums and guitars with lead singer Finn uttering lyrics concerning original sin, birth, and other facts of life. Talking about the track, Finn says;

" "I’m pretty sure ‘Born Sore’ was the first song we wrote with Will and Harry, so in a way the first song we wrote as this band. It’s really quite a dark piece of music about birth, fertility and original sin. There are hardly any lyrics actually - it’s more a big theatrical construction than a song.”"

The EP features previous singles “Kiss the pharaoh” “Alka-Seltzer” and “l Never Want To Be Your Boyfriend” as well as the title track.
“Kiss the Pharaoh”, the first track released after The Jacques return to music, plays with nursery rhymes and ancient Egyptian imagery, its heavy and hypnotic sounding mixed up with reggae drum beats and haunting lyrics.

“I Never Want To Be Your Boyfriend” has a more traditional indie rock sound that can be found on the band’s earlier singles. “Born Sore” and “Kiss the Pharaoh ” hints of a move to a more gothic and less indie sound for the band. The tracks of the EP could fit nicely on a Fat White Family album or one of Nick Cave’s darker moments.
Overall the “Born Sore” ep is a dark theatrical glimpse of a band re-emerging into the public eye.

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