The Great Escape 2022: Our artist picks!

Finally, after two years of us all sitting around our computers, watching live streams, desperately trying to recreate that festival feeling, The Great Escape is back and ready to take over Brighton. For 4 days in May, music lovers, industry experts, and artists from all around the world will decent on the seaside town, ready to explore the 30+ walkable venues and discover some incredible new bands.

As Steve Lamacq (BBC Radio 6 Music) once said, ‘(The Great Escape is) The Cannes of the music world’

With nearly 300 musicians playing over the long weekend, we have decided to help you out and give you our top 8 recommendations for who to go and see. And who knows, maybe we’ll see you there!

The Byker Grove Fanclub 
(United Kingdom)

Start Listening To: The Byker Grove Fan Club — Still Listening

“Post Macho Noise Pop trio” The Byker Grove Fanclub were formed in a drunken summer haze, jamming it old school in a dingy basement, channelling their anger at the world through their non-conformist, riotous music. Expect beautiful chaos, moshpits and captivating energy at their set at The Great Escape.

Willow Kayne 
(United Kingdom)

Willow Kayne - Playground Antics review | DIY Magazine

The 90s inspired soft grunge rapper of your dreams, Willow Kayne’s music is as vibrant as her colourful, enticing personality. Willow’s punk to the core pop music will ignite a spark inside of you, leaving you craving more from this up and coming musician.





Fitzroy Holt
(United Kingdom)

Xmas Live x Fitzroy Holt - Scotts BlogBeautiful soothing songs, an alluring stage presence, and dark song inspirations create the reserved mystery of singer-songwriter Fitzroy Holt. Watching him perform is a dream-like experience, don’t miss him in Brighton.



(United States)
Porches Announces New Album, Shares Video for New Song “Okay”: Watch | Pitchfork

Formed in 2010, the band Porches have spent the past almost 12 years redefining and recreating itself with every new release. Refused to be tied down by genres, the synth-pop group, fronted by Aaron Maine, released their fifth album last year, All Day Gentle Hold !, described as “a celebratory collection of songs,” with the celebrations continuing into their live shows.



(United States)

 Island Records and Warner Chappell sign poutyface, discovered via music app Voisey - Music Business Worldwide20-year-old pop singer-songwriter Poutyface creates music that is reminiscent of the iconic late 90s/early 2000s rock era, her sassy, sarcastic outlook on the world influencing her bitter-sugary sweet lyrics. Is her bark louder than her bite? Who knows, but we wouldn’t want to find out.


(UK, Scotland)

VLURE: Glaswegian post-punks relishing the return of sweaty club ragersVlure have taken all the rules of post-punk, torn them to pieces, and jaggedly put them back together. Their raw, exhilarating music creates an intensely dynamic live performance packed with unpredictable emotion.





Get To Know: Vancouver's rising indie star EKKSTACYAfter going through drug-induced psychosis, his parent’s divorce and alcohol abuse, 18-year-old Ekkstacy from Vancouver, Canada, turned to music as an attempt to find some sense in the hazy chaos of his life. Dark, indie emotionally confronting tracks, expose vulnerability to an almost courageous amount.

Kelsy Karter
(New Zealand)

Kelsy karter brings the hits with her debut album “missing person” – BUSK MUSICKelsy Karter is a badass punk, with old school rock and roll oozing from her pores. Her dynamic voice and irresistible swagger make for one hell of a performance, and we can’t wait to see her at The Great Escape!







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