The Velvet Hands Release “Over It Now”

Rising London-via-Cornwall four-piece The Velvet Hands have dropped their last track of the year, “Over It Now”. 

The track is a sneak peek of the band’s upcoming album “Sucker Punch” due 3rd February 2023, with a special vinyl edition planned for release on Blood Records.
Blending hedonistic hooks reminiscent of The Strokes with a slacker kind of storytelling plucked straight from Pavement’s playbook, the band’s latest outing is an anti-capitalist anthem spun with an easy-going, lackadaisical charm.
As The Velvet Hands explain:
“One of the more laidback songs on the album, this came from the four of us just playing around in rehearsal. Lyrically the song focuses on ‘the grind’ culture, which personally we have always found to be exploitative and somewhat ridiculous. The main message is that not everything in life is about money, and you can do things at your own pace. In a nutshell: stick to your guns.”
Listen to “Over It Now” here.

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