NEWS: Why Generation? Presents the ‘Isolation Interviews’

During this time of isolation, I have been thinking hard about what content to post on this site. With the lack of live music currently about, and many bands postponing the release of their albums, this has been a slight challenge. But not one that can’t be solved.
One thing that I’ve realised over the past couple of days is while I am at home isolating, so is everyone else. Including a lot of musicians.
And so today, Why Generation? is here to present, the ‘Isolation Interviews’, a series of interviews with artists of every genre, recorded during this time of isolation.
This may not be a groundbreaking concept or an idea that’s going to change the world, but if these articles provide any entertainment to even just one person during these rather dark times, then I considered that a job well done.
I hope you enjoy and remember, stay at home.
Elly Bailey X

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