Why Generation X Muso Soup #sustainablecreator

Happy New Year! (Only 3 weeks late…).

Why Generation has been keeping a low profile so far in 2022, but it’s time for regular music content to resume.

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Muso Soup, a completely unique marketing tool for artists and bloggers alike.

Musicians submit their music to Muso Soup, for any bloggers on the site to discover it and make the artist an offer for coverage, for example, a review, an interview with the musician, a playlist add and so on. With each offer, there is the option of free coverage or paid coverage, with the paid coverage being a very low cost, (normally around £3). There’s also no obligation for an artist to accept an offer, so no money is spent unless the artist chooses to.

This system helps bloggers to make their work more sustainable, whilst guaranteeing coverage for musicians who submit their new songs. It is a much more affordable way to gain coverage for your work, without having to pay £1000s for PR campaigns.

To find out more about Muso Soup please see here: https://www.musosoup.com/howwework 

And if you want to submit your music, either to us directly or just to Musosoup, use the following link! https://app.musosoup.com/submit/whygeneration 

Any posts that have been written using Musosoup will be hashtagged #sustainablecreator for transparency.



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