“This Song….” with BEX

Ahead of her performance at 2000 Trees Festival, female punk rocker BEX answers “This Song….” with Why Generation

  1. This song I remember from my childhood:

California Girls – Katy Perry

My best friend’s mum burnt me a copy of Teenage Dream and we used to play it on my little pink CD player, sing along and dance. Another one would be Dancing Queen – Abba, my cousin and I used to make up dance routines and perform them to our parents whilst singing along.

  1. This song inspired me to be a musician:

Fall – Ed Sheeran & Amy Wadge

Soooo many tracks inspire me every day to be a musician but one that stands out is Fall – Ed Sheeran + Amy Wadge. When I was 13, I used to listen to this track over and over! Every night after school I would come home & play my acoustic guitar strumming away each evening!

  1. This song brings up a significant memory:

Suzanne – Creeper

When I was around 15/16 I went to see Creeper supporting All Time Low with my Dad. It was the last concert we went to as I moved out that summer. It was the best gig, I had never heard of Creeper until then but now both my Dad and I are massive fans. When they played Suzanne it was the highlight of the entire night.

  1. This song I can play on repeat and not get bored:

Half Way There – Soundgarden Soundgarden

Recently it’s been the first song I’ve played every time I’ve opened Spotify, I love Chris Cornell’s vocals on everything but on this track particularly; it’s just a masterpiece

  1. This song I discovered in the past month:

Rotoscope – Spiritbox

I’d heard the track before when it first came out last year, but I completely forgot about it, I rediscovered it this month.

"I love Chris Cornell's vocals on everything but on this track particularly; it’s just a masterpiece"

  1. This song I think everyone should listen to:

Zombie – The Pretty Reckless

It’s one of their old tracks from 2010 – massively underrated and one of my all-time favourites from The Pretty Reckless.

  1. This song has influenced my sound:

Crybaby – Destroy Boys

I am a massive Destroy Boys fan. Their grunge sound has had a massive influence on the next single I have coming out in July, called Trust No One. 

  1. This song I have seen played live:

Don’t Cry – Guns n Roses

A couple of days ago I got to see Guns n Roses live at Hyde Park, Don’t Cry is my fav track of theirs, it was so sick to see it performed live.

  1. This (BEX) song I am most proud of:BEX

Hazmat Suit (My Ass) – BEX

I am most proud of Hazmat Suit (My Ass) because it has such a strong message behind it that could have easily been misunderstood. It was received so well and I am SO proud of the song. It’s currently my favourite to play live.

  1. If I could only pick one BEX song to play to people it would be this one

It would be Filfy, it’s not out yet but it will be in my EP which is coming out later this year. Writing Filfy was so much fun, there were four of us in the studio and the song just fell out of us. I am so excited for everyone to get to hear it!


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