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The Backseat Lovers

The Backseat Lovers, an alt-indie band from Utah, America, have seen a quick rise to fame, their extensive touring schedules gaining them fans all over the world.

At Omera, London, the venue the band have chosen to play a one-off gig before their worldwide tour takes off, I am greeted by four, quiet but endearing guys, who introduce themselves to me one at a time. Joshua, Jonas, KJ and Juice, The Backseat Lovers.

“I don’t even know what his real name is,” jokes guitarist Jonas, when I ask if the drummer’s real name is Juice, “at this point, it may as well be his real name”.

On the cusp of releasing their second album “Waiting To Spill”, I decide to go straight in with the ultimate question, is it better than the last record?

Lead singer, Joshua Harmon, takes the reigns on answering this, contemplating his response slowly, really considering his words.

“I feel like every time we’ve released music we’ve all felt very connected to it. This album feels significantly more connected because of all the work we put into it. I think we’ve probably written about more vulnerable things too.”

Jonas chips in, adding, “I think I’m more excited for anybody to get to listen to the album all the way through for the first time because that’s how we’ve intended it to be listened to.”

“So yes,” Joshua grins, “it is better I think.”

"This album feels significantly more connected because of all the work we put into it."

The Backseat Lovers have already played some huge shows, supporting bands like The Killers, Jack White, and more. But who would be their ultimate support slot?

“There’s quite a few,” says Joshua, “But I think most of the time the answer comes back to Radiohead, that would be the ultimate honour. I think supporting Radiohead would be the peak of the mountain.

“Or if The Beatles came back”, comments Juice with a smile.

“Or if we could add the guy who came in and played keys with The Beatles to the band, that would be incredible,” KJ says, the rest of the band enthusiastically agreeing and chattering about how much they all loved The Beatles Get Back documentary.

I round up the interview by asking if there are any bands The Backseat Lovers want to shout out, amused to see the guys whip their phones out, taking meticulous care to make sure they’re getting the details of each artist mentioned correctly.

Jonas: “I just listened to an album by a band called Skirts. Great Big Wild Oak. I’ve been listening to that a lot recently.”

Joshua: “Ethan Kyle and his friends. The album is really great.”

“Do you tend to listen to music that’s the same genre as you guys?” I enquire.

Jonas answers, telling me, “I feel like we take influence from things that are relevant to what we’re trying to make, so whilst writing and recording, we’ll be listening to music of a similar tone. But then sometimes there is an overlap of genres if one of us is listening to something very offbeat.”

Tickets to The Backseat Lovers world tour can be purchased here.

And make sure to preorder “Waiting To Spill“, the latest album from the band, out on 28th October.


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