“This Song….” With Tom Saint

Tom Saint
Emo, trap metal artist Tom Saint takes on “This Song…” with some unexpected results…

  1. This song I remember from my childhood:

Spice Girls – Wannabe

I had a Spice Girls birthday cake for my 6th birthday party and I was the only boy at my school who had a mixed party of both boys and girls. I think I just loved pop music, I was always attracted to their individual characters and how fabulous they were and how cool and catchy their songs were – I’ve always been a fan of a hook.

  1. This song inspired me to be a musician:

American Idiot – Green Day

I saw them playing this live on top of the pops when I was 10 and was immediately hooked, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I begged my parents for a guitar but they said I could only have one when I got to grade 3 on classical piano (at the time I was only in grade 1!)

Diligently practising, but making no secret that it was all for the guitar, I was surprised the following Christmas with a £100 Squier Stratocaster amp bundle you could buy out of the Argos catalogue – it was the best day ever. When I despair at why I’m doing this I often come back to that moment when I turned the corner into the lounge and American Idiot was playing on the TV.

  1. This song brings up a significant memory:

LA – Boy Harsher

I’d had a really horrible argument with my girlfriend at the time and I had to leave because I was DJing in Central. I walked through Soho listening to the new Boy Harsher album (“Careful”) and this was the first time I’d ever heard this song.

I was walking through the city at dusk as the sun was setting and the lighting and music created this very poignant moment reflecting exactly how I felt as it dawned on me I had to end the relationship. From that day on Boy Harsher became one of my favourite bands.

  1. This song I can play on repeat and not get bored:

Nose Ring – Lil Peep

I think this song really creates the attitude of how you feel when you’re empowered but frustrated after a breakup. Everything’s messed up and you still care for each other but it also feels cool – ‘we had all of it planned out, what the fuck is the plan now?’ It’s such an amazing hook that sums up how you feel, trapped with each other but also everything was great so why is it all fucked up?

I think I’ll always come back to that feeling of gentle frustration, of being trapped because you’re in love with someone.

  1. This song I discovered in the past month:

Egregore – Bambie Thug

Probably one of the best songs I’ve heard someone put out in ages and especially someone I know, they’re wicked. Whenever I see them live or they put music out I always have to send them these little bait messages to be like ‘Yo I think your song is so cool’ but I don’t care because being a good fan comes before being cool haha. I’ll always message people to tell them how sick they are if they are, and this song is wicked. The lift when the chorus drops is mental, it’s such a good slice of songwriting, I think Bambie is going to be massive.

"I think I’ll always come back to that feeling of gentle frustration, of being trapped because you’re in love with someone."

  1. This song I think everyone should listen to:

Sacrilege – Ghostmane

This is a lesson in how unhinged you can be with your production choices, and how left field you can get. It starts as an industrial track, then goes into a distorted 808 drop then there are these little breaks where it sounds like a cat is walking across a keyboard.

I showed it to my brother who makes Ed Sheeran-inspired pop music and even he was like ‘Man it really inspires me to go ham and do whatever I want’. Even if you don’t like trap metal this music will inspire you to think outside of the box and question everything – and that’s what good art does.

  1. This song has influenced my sound:

Die – Johnny GothTom

Everything off his latest album is amazing, I discovered him when I went to see Halloween Ends at the cinema and one of his songs “Come 2 Me” came on during this famous scene where the protagonist and antagonist are riding on a motorcycle together and are falling in love (but she doesn’t know he’s murderous and it’s sick).

I was blown away by that song and went home and found him online and very quickly became obsessed with him. He’s one of my favourite artists right now, I’m planning to go over to LA in October just to see him play.

  1. This song I have seen played live:

Can You Feel My Heart – Bring Me The Horizon

This absolutely blew me away at Reading Festival last year. I watched them when I was 15 for the first time in a 150-cap venue in Southampton (sadly now a car park – The Nexus RIP). They blew the speakers but said to hold tight and they’d get new ones in. I rang my mum and said can you pick me up later and she said just ring me when it ends – it finished at 3 am… on a school night.

That show was so inspiring to me for years, it was carnage and then to see them years later as a stadium band with these incredible songs that are both heavy and have amazing choruses, it really shows you what your hard work can achieve if you just keep going.

  1. This (Tom Saint) song I am most proud of:

Whiskey – Tom Saint

It was inspired by another song I heard from another artist, that I felt I may have inspired, the following day after I heard that song played at a gig I went to the studio and wrote this as a response to that song. I use songs to express myself and be in control so when someone sang a song about me and I was in the audience it made me go crazy. The reason why whiskey is so good is because it’s a response filled with all this emotion and purpose.

I had an original version but rewrote the production while I was staying on holiday  (which I never do) with a group of friends at Henry VIII’s holiday home in Wales. After a wild night of partying, I woke up at 6 in the morning and started messing about on this guitar VST (virtual instrument) that was meant to be ‘the worst sounding guitar VST in the world’ – I wrote the riff in 10 minutes, which then became the start of the synthetic guitar/synth drill sound that I’ve been carving out for myself ever since.

  1. If I could only pick one Tom Saint song to play to people it would be this one

Never Trip – Tom Saint



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