The Imaginary Friends, please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band.
Norea – drums/backing vocals.
Oliver – bass.
Joe – vocals/guitar.

You’ve not revealed too much yet about your music style, what can we expect?
J: Gloomy new wave with a punk swagger.

"We spent every day meticulously mapping out our master plan."

How did the band come about?
N: I unearthed Joe after he’d barricaded himself into his flat for a few weeks. He played me the demos he’d been working on. Then we birthed the idea to start the band and gave Oliver a call.
O: The next lockdown was announced and we all decided to isolate together to work on the band. We spent every day meticulously mapping out our master plan.

What are your plans for 2022?
N: Release new music.
J: Spread the gospel far and wide, shake things up.

Describe The Imaginary Friends in 3 words.
N: Apocalyptic.
J: Vicious.
O: Irresistible.

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hot milk

They’re loud, they’re chaotic and they’re unapologetically themselves. This is Hot Milk.

They're loud, they're chaotic and they're unapologetically themselves. This is Hot Milk. How is 2022 treating you so far? Han: iyaaaa not bad man, we have a big year ahead n we are just ready to fuckin have it. party hard, work hard, go hard. bringing some rock n roll back to the masses with explosive live shows and the best songs we've ever written. gonna make some memories n spread some love ya know what I'm saying.