Reading Festival: Calva Louise

How’s it going?

Good! We’re looking forward to playing later.

Your latest album came out just a few days ago, is today your first time playing live except for the release party?

Alizon: Yeah! I think I’m most excited to play Euphoric, it’s very fun to play live.

Ben: And it’s probably the heaviest track that we’ve done so far, so yeah very excited to play it. 

And how does it feel to be at Reading Festival?

Jess: Being able to walk around the site and see different artists play and take in the atmosphere is getting us really hyped for our set tonight.

Ben: This is also our first outdoor festival since Covid. And what a festival to come back to.

"what a festival to come back to"

You guys all travelled down together today and all live in very close proximity to each other, does that make it harder or easier when it comes to band stuff? Is it hard to find a separation between work and hanging out

Ben: I think it makes it easier, because if we need to talk about we can just do it straight away if we want to rehearse or play around with a new song idea so we can just go and do it. 

Jess: Yeah we’re never worried about timing and stuff like we can be around each other whenever which has been a great advantage.  

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