The Rotanas premiere new track Manic on WG? (+ Interview)

1. How are all of you?

Good, I think, chugging on. Excited to get the new stuff out there.

2. Could you each introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

We’ve got Tormey and Wilson on guitar, Tommy on drums, al on bass and me, Harry, I sing.

3. How you would describe your music?

For a long time I’d of said big ballsy and brash, it still has that but I think we’ve matured and are still maturing in a way that’s allowing us to more tastefully explore our delicate and melodic side, that’s not as relevant in terms of our new single and the one just passed, but its a word on the future.

"Las Rotanas hasta que muera."

4. Are there any bands that you have found to influence your style of music?

I suppose the 90s is a good place to start, we all come from different backgrounds so it’s been hard to pin down a few bands, in particular, you always have to cite references for your music, the whole ‘for fans of’, I get why it’s done, but the music we make comes from our soul and that’s what’s important. Authenticity. To me at least.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your new single Manic? (Listen here:

It almost seems particularly relevant for these current times. Not to shoot you down but it has nothing to do with current times, it certainly wasn’t written with any intent to represent the situation we find ourselves in. It’s an ode to a past acquaintance, who we very much don’t get on with anymore. I suppose, in the sense that what’s going on right now has shown people’s true colours, and supports this theory I have that the world is full of shit people and the only hope is for people to stop worrying about everyone else’s shit and actually take time to focus on themselves and being a good person, the song is relevant, as it’s about a shit person. That’s just my take on it, whatever the song means to you, that’s what you should take from it. That’s the fun part.

6. Anything else you’d like to add?

Las Rotanas hasta que muera. Lollipops are for children.

Listen to the latest single from The Rotanas here before it’s release on Friday 26th March:

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