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Good Health Good Wealth

Good Health Good Wealth take us on a musical trip down memory lane.

  1. This song I remember from my childhood: 

Thin Lizzy – Emerald

I used to listen to Live and Dangerous in the car with my old man and this was always a favourite. I feel like Thin Lizzy are one of the most misunderstood and underrated bands of all time. Phil Lynott was the coolest man to walk god’s green earth.


  1. This song inspired me to be a musician:

The Streets – Has It Come To This

It just showed you anyone could do it, Mike Skinner is the most normal geezer in the world and that’s what is so great about him. You don’t need to be the most virtuoso musician to make incredible art, you just need to have lived life and be willing to share your experience.


  1. This song brings up a significant memory:

Dilated Peoples – Back Again

Walking into my GCSE maths exam, psyching myself up to smash some algebra. Thanks to my mate Louis and cousin Tommy for tutoring me to pass that one, I was hopeless with numbers.


  1. This song I can play on repeat and not get sick off:

Kanye West – Spaceship

This could essentially be any Kanye record but I always loved this one as it’s just so relatable. I remember when I was younger we didn’t have a proper shower so I used to always have baths, I would get myself out of the bath to hit the replay button when this one finished! Kanye is the most important musician of our generation, he’s our MJ.


  1. This song I discovered in the past week:

JMSN – Inferno

This album passed me by at the time but now I can’t stop listening to it. Inferno ticks all the boxes for me, I love the guitars, JMSN’s vocals are ridiculous and that main synth line… Forget about it.

"You don't need to be the most virtuoso musician to make incredible art, you just need to have lived life and be willing to share your experience."

  1. This song I think everyone should listen to:

The Blow Monkeys – Digging Your Scene

A proper gem, this could also have been my choice for playing on repeat and for influencing our sound. Love Hangover took some decent inspiration from this.


7: This song has influenced my own sound:

N.E.R.D – She Wants To Move

This is N.E.R.D at their best, the fusion of the genres works perfectly, it’s funk, dance, rock, hip hop all in a perfect little package. And the video with the floating heads is class.


8: This song I have seen played live:

Richard Ashcroft – Bittersweet Symphony

Brixton academy with the boys, Richard rocking the diamond blazer, it was a genuinely magic moment. That song is just on another astral plane.


9: This is the Good Health Good Wealth song I am most proud of:

Of the ones that are out now, it’s probably Guinness as it’s the most honest and vulnerable I’ve let myself be lyrically. Also, I wrote the music for it too without any samples, just on my mate’s guitar. As someone who doesn’t really play guitar, I’m quite proud of that.


10: If I could only pick one Good Health Good Wealth song from our new EP to play to people, it would be this one:

Love Hangover is the most signature Good Health Good Wealth sound I would say so maybe that, although if you’ve got a song called All I Want Is Everyone To Love Me you have got to play that really haven’t you?


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