Hey guys, are you all doing good? Using this time of isolation wisely?

Elllo, yeah we have actually, it’s given us time to look at approaching our fans and social media followers and getting them involved in ways that aren’t just playing songs, which I have to say has been a right laugh, we did a live stream on Saturday where we basically answered questions about the velvet hands and got drunk. Good times. Oh, and a lot of writing. Lots of that.

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Hi Lizzy! How are you doing? 

I’m good aside from   I can’t help feeling that we are living in an other-worldly situation at the moment. 

Your debut album, ‘Bruise’, came out on 27th March, so less than a week ago, how has the reception been?

It’s honestly been massively overwhelming & extremely positive, I’m so happy that people are as happy with the album as I am.

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Hi guys! First of all, how are you keeping yourselves busy during isolation? Are you using this time to learn any new skills?

Hello!!! It’s a weird time, right – hope everyone’s doing ok! x Well, we’ve set up a “creation station” in our flat… which is essentially a mini studio in the living room. It’s looking beauttt. We are using this time as an opportunity to just write as much as we can and see how it goes. We’re sharing ideas over emails and WhatsApp and just looking forward to when we can properly bring these ideas together in one room. Can’t lie though, have also smashed out Tiger King and Cheer on Netflix obviously. Very good, would recommend. 

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ISOLATION INTERVIEWS: Children of the State

Consisting of John McCullagh, Nathan Keeble, Corey Clifton, Conor O’Reilly and Harry Eland, ‘Children of the State’ are putting their own spin on indie-rock, blending their 60’s inspired influences to create an authentic vintage groove. With their next single, “Big Sur” out in less than 10 days, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to have a chat with the band, and more specifically, lead singer John McCullagh and drummer Conor O’Reilly.

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INTERVIEW: Nadia Sheikh talks touring with the Stereophonics and British culture.

You’ve had a crazy 2020 so far and it’s only February! What’s it been like touring with the Stereophonics? Were you a fan of the band before?

It’s been absolutely mental! I’m a huge fan of the band, they’ve been a massive influence on me since I was a teenager, so getting to tour with them is actually surreal. I actually saw them play live at the O2 Academy in Leeds front row when I was 16, and just a few of weeks ago we were playing that same venue supporting them.

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