1. Before Crashface, you and Otto were in a band called Freakouts, how did that band ending progress into this new project? Are there any similarities in the music? 

CHARLIE – You know when something you care about has run its course, so that’s all that happened there. After that, it was so clear to me that I didn’t want to stop creating or writing, so I joined a couple of different bands and tried to keep myself as busy as I could until eventually, I decided on the sort of project I wanted to create.

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INTERVIEW: YNES talks TikTok, print publications and the Music Industry in 2021

I came across your music through TikTok, many people think that TikTok is ruining the music industry, what is your take? 
It’s a weird one! My attitude is kinda ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ – I’d never describe myself as a content creator, otherwise I wouldn’t be a musician haha. I guess over the past year especially, it’s accelerated so much. It definitely worries me that our attention spans are growing shorter (or maybe just mine).

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The Rotanas premiere new track Manic on WG? (+ Interview)

For a long time I’d of said big ballsy and brash, it still has that but I think we’ve matured and are still maturing in a way that’s allowing us to more tastefully explore our delicate and melodic side, that’s not as relevant in terms of our new single and the one just passed, but its a word on the future.

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Sahera Walker meets Black Honey’s Izzy B. Phillips

Firstly huge well done on the album, I’ve been listening to it a lot it’s really good – I’m interested to know what the visual influences behind it were?

So I wanted to make something that harks back to old school, Playboy, like Penthouse film magazines, all like a kind of lens that’s looking at women as objects, and take this idea of objectification and repurpose it for women and for the female gaze, so I made all the artwork with these beautiful women but made it more about them being the villains or the protagonists or empowered, and that for me feels really fun and liberating.

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