INTERVIEW: Liverpool’s STONE talk new releases and post-lockdown plans.

Leave It Out was an explosive debut single and the spoken-word passages are a stark contrast to The Bohos style. As you describe it in your Spotify bio, its “Poetry from a tense 3am taxi queue”. What inspired this stylistic and lyrical U-turn? Can it be pinpointed to a single moment?

I guess the shift into a more mature and refined sound has just been a product of the time me, Fin and Alex have spent writing songs, practising and gigging together, especially as we’re entering our 20s. We felt like re-emerging as STONE, with a stronger sense of identity was the most necessary thing we could have done, having outgrown the old Bohos outfit. The conception of STONE was driven by a lot of the frustration and hunger we had felt over 2018-19 trying to make a name for ourselves, finding and channelling inspiration from developments in our own personal lives whether it’s been struggles with mental health, going out too much, break-ups, trying to make this band shit work…

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First of all, how are you guys handling isolation?
Not too shabby, starting to get used to it now. Figured out getting fried every evening isn’t sustainable so toned it down to every other night; can’t speak for the other guys but I imagine it’s much the same for them too. Been working on some new tracks as well, not much else to do now.

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INTERVIEW: The Lotts talk recording live and hometown inspiration

First of all, how is everyone? Does life feel strange now we’re slowly coming out of lockdown?

We’re pretty good. I guess it’s just hard to keep yourself busy but everyone’s in the same boat so we’re not too worried. Just sad there are no shows to play, it’s the only time we’d leave the house.

You guys are from Warrington, do you find that your music is influenced by your surrounding cities of Liverpool and Manchester? 

Somewhat I guess, it’s hard not too because their music scene is really popping off in both places and they both have their own thing going on. You end up playing with loads of different bands from around the area and I guess it’s inevitable that some of that rubs off on you.

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I’ve been slowly trying to get better at the piano, but I keep getting sidetracked by ideas for new songs – nearly finished all the songs that I’d like to go on our debut album. I was also forced to learn how to get better at video editing when we did a split-screen isolation video for our charity single ‘These Unprecedented times’.

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How are you guys all doing?

We’re doing alright actually! Trying to keep as busy as possible during these weird circumstances! 

Can you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t listened to The Rills before?

Our music is a delicate balance of punk and anthemic indie flavours. 

What inspires your music? Do you find that your songs come from real-life experiences?

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Hi Guys how are you?

Blacksanta is well. We’re all struggling with quarantine in different ways but we’ve stayed in close contact with each other and our supportive friends. We’ve all been sharing even more books, films, and albums than usual with each other so it’s been a great time to think about these kinds of things in a deeper way. Quarantine has been a very educational and grounding experience for all of us to discover more about each other and talk deeper into our personal lives more regularly than usual. We’ve always been incredibly close but it’s nice to have the chance to talk about things we wouldn’t normally.

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First of all, thank you for the interview, how are you doing?

Thanks for interviewing us, this has been a real excuse to dress up. We’re actually all doing pretty good. Not leaving the house was kind of our thing anyway so hasn’t been too much of an adjustment so far. I give it 2 weeks yet before we start on the breakdown trims and someone buys a tattoo gun off amazon.

Last month, you released a live video of you song Glue, filmed at Young Thugs Studios in York, what was it like recording there? 

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How are you guys doing? Are you currently isolating together?

We’re currently at our parents’ house isolating and staying safe. 

You recently did an interview with Fred Perry Subculture, how does it feel to have their support?

Yeah man, that was sick for them to reach out feeling truly blessed about that. Big thanks to them for showing support. Fred Perry has always done some nice pieces and I love the fact they put on shows for up and coming artists and bring them together.

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you’ve delayed the release of your album, ‘Digital Dissidents’ by two weeks, why did you make this decision?

Well, to be honest, these times are the craziest timing for release – and I happen to be the one „blessed“ with it (more maniacal laughs). I might have even postponed it to fall if I had known what was coming. But the radical changes happened so quickly: Spectacular had already dropped in late February, the video premiered when the first borders in Europe closed.

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Hi guys, how are you all doing? Where are you each spending your time isolating?

Hello! We’re scattered around the country just now missing each other, spending countless hours on FaceTime to make sure we don’t forget each other’s names. We’re doing good though. Strange times but we’ve been kept busy with our single release and are staying positive!

Along with everyone else, you guys have had to postpone your tour to September, are you at all worried about how many gigs will be taking place at the same time? Or do you see it as a friendly competition?

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